Super-intensive aquaculture aeration systems

The a3® System is simplicity at its finest. It combines aeration, degassing, circulation, and mixing all in one package and more importantly one energy source.

This truly versatile system is a perfect solution for everything from increasing the density and health of outdoor ponds to eliminating water exchange and pure oxygen in indoor tanks and super-intensive raceways. Add to the system, and manage processes like fine-protein removal and water temperature control, again all with the same energy source.

Used in all culture stages  nursery, brood-stock and grow-out. Contact us for your custom solution.

WAS World Aquaculture Society 2009 Bio-floc Session San Diego CA

WAS World Aquaculture Society 2010 Bio-floc Session New Orleans LA

WAS World Aquaculture Society 2011 Bio-floc Session Las Vegas NV